Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Proactiv Extra Strength Formula Is Here

I have been battling with this stubborn acne that I have no clue what triggers it. I spent money, a lot of money that it's literally driving me crazy and slowly losing hope for what's best product to use. I am not a teenager and thought that acne would not be in my vocabulary anymore. I did had a bad experienced before when I was about 20+ years old but not as bad as what I have right now...

Since proactiv has been all over the television, hearing people talking about it made me decide to get to their website and subscribe. The first kit did not work which had 2.5% solution or whatever you may want to call it. I have a very short patient and get tired easily. I returned the kit, got refunded. I customized my kit, received the first 90 days supply, still the same strength 2.5%- was been browsing and found the "Extra Strength Formula" which I am excited to try. This has is powered with 7% which is honestly way stronger than the previous. 

It says I will have it tomorrow but I received it today which I am super excited to give this a try. I am crossing fingers and toes that this is the answer in killing and stopping my acne in multiplying. It is so damaging. I am super not happy with this damn acne... I hate you acne!!!