Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Parents Role: Supporting My Girl

I am a parent and I support my girl toward her interest in any field, school related for her own good and development in making herself more functionable academically. As parents, we are very lucky that our kids are very smart. Our boy is 4 years old but already showing skills of being brainy. :)

Our girl in now in 4th grade and from the time she started school she does nothing but to make us proud all the way! Teachers called her "sponge" as she absorb it quickly! :) I am super duper proud to the fact that I am not the strict type that require or re-enforcing the study in our home. I know that it will help our girl to sharpen her mind but she's already sharp.:)

Anyway, she was not showing any interest about doing some activities liked sports or playing instruments. I was kind of sad but I believed in so called it's not the right time yet. :)

Now, she informed us that she wants to play "TRUMPET" which really made me happy. We attended the meeting, she asked for a new intrument trumpet, this is a rent to own. It cost me $1,300 but it's not a one time payment,  staggered, monthly basis which is not too bad. The use and the like new were not that high but my princess wants new and I support her all the way so I gave in to her demand. :)

They already had their first lesson. Thanks GOD she is into it. :)