Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Improving Your Health And Body In 6 Achievable Steps

Do you dream of improving your health and body? So many people feel the same way as you. However, many tend to fail to do anything about their desires. They wish, and they envy people with healthy bodies, but they still don’t do anything. If you want to improve your health and body, you can do so in 6 achievable steps:

Focus On How You Want To Feel
The first thing you need to do isn’t think about it the way we usually all think about it. Don’t think ‘I wish I could lose 20 pounds’. Don’t think, ‘Why can’t I run up the stairs without getting out of breath?’. When you repeat these things to yourself, it just solidifies that you aren’t doing them yet in your subconscious. Then you’ll end up getting more of the same. This might sound like new age mumbo jumbo, but it’s the truth. Instead, focus on how you want to feel. Do you want to feel healthy? Strong? Alive? Energized? Whatever you want to feel, write those down. Focus on them. Science has proven that we get what we focus on! However, don’t say things like ‘I can’t wait to feel healthy’. That implies you don’t yet feel healthy. You need to fake it until you make it a little. Say things like, ‘I am so healthy and happy!’, and, ‘wow, why am I so healthy?’. These affirmations and afformations will get you to a good place inside where you easily achieve your dreams.


Love Your Body

Nobody ever got the body of their dreams by hating their body. This is where so many people go wrong. It’s like trying to build an empire on top of quicksand. When you love your body, you set the foundations for much better results. You can’t think, ‘I’ll love my body when it looks the way I want it to look’. This has an air of lack and desperation to it. People who feel like this really struggle, and rarely get the best results. Instead, find ways to love yourself. Your feet help you to walk. Your legs take you wherever you want to go. Your body breathes without you needing to tell it to. It really is a magical thing! Start appreciating it and you’ll be more inspired to take healthy steps to achieve your goals.

Make Healthy Food Choices
Although our inner world has a lot to do with the results we get, so do our food choices. Chances are, if you’re eating a ton of junk food, you’re not going to look or feel how you want to at all. Make healthy food choices the majority of the time, and you’ll begin to feel so much healthier and alive.

Find Ways To Get Active Regularly
Run up the stairs. Park your car further away. Take a short walk around the office every hour. These little things all add up!


Visit A Professional
If you feel you need more help getting to the root of your problems, a professional could help you with this. You may want to see somebody who specializes in body coaching. Bel Red Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Jan Zemplenyi is a liposuction expert, who could also help you. Bear in mind that surgical options and non surgical options could both be suited to you. However, it pays to know the risks before going through with it. You should also make sure you’ve done the inner work first, as surgery alone will not make you love yourself!

Don’t Call It A ‘Diet’
Calling your new lifestyle a diet implies that it’s short term. This is why you need to make everything you do sustainable, and suited to everyday life. Diet is a word most people associate with negativity!

Good luck!