Friday, September 30, 2016

Hugs and Kisses

I am one fortunate mom for my kids are very sweet towards me and to their dad. How sweet it is to hear my little boy asking for "hugs and kisses?" It always melt my heart, makes me think that I am doing the right way of raising them. My girl though 9 years old still no reservation. She is still the my sweetest and innocent little princess. She would asked for hugs and kisses too! :)

Happy that they are not shy and they are vocal to their feelings. My kids on the other hand are very lucky to have us taking care of them. When our girl comes home from school, she come home seeing her daddy's home. That alone is a jackpot for not all kids get to see their parents or parents when they get home from school. Some of them have to be drop off from neighbors house until their parents come and pick them from or some will be drop off to their grandparents house.

Attention from parent or parents are way different and very crucial to growing up kids. Back home, mom was a stayed at home mom. I always looked forward of coming home because I knew that my mom is home. It was very exciting! And the fact, mom would cooked something for snacks! Yum! :)

The same way that I do to my kids! My husband is doing the same thing too... Close relationship to kids are very important. They will assure that they are loved and being taken care of.

I strongly believed that majority of those kids who are violent are lack of parents attention which is sad! :(