Monday, September 26, 2016

How To Avoid Over Spending Is My Problem

I have two active credit cards that I am proud to say that I paid them on time. I worked full time but the pay is not something that is really big so slowing down is a MUST for me BUT that is my main problem. Aside of two cards, I send monthly support to my mom abroad, I have two kids that I am responsible for buying their clothing.

I have some monthly payment too liked the trumpet that is new and just started the payment. Electric bill, internet billing and buying some groceries. I even have the gas credit card that I am paying too.

My shopping is something I considered as an addiction. It is really hard to stop or controlled. Now, we just got home from visiting the kids store and spent $90+ which I kind of regret. I told myself that, if, only I opt in to staying home, I have that money save. :( 

Hopefully I will find the strength of controlling myself from spending money unwisely. My kids have so much clothes because I buy and buy though they don't need it. Oh, motherhood! :(