Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fourth Graders Picture Day

As a mother to my kids I tend to get way more excited than them which I think all or majority of the mothers can relate to what I am feeling. Every year, there is a picture day going on. Month before the picture day I am already hunting for clothes or outfit that my girl will wear. :)

Back home, we don't have such thing as "Picture Day"  but here, it is different in the USA which I loved the idea. Pictures comes in different packages and it is not cheap! :( For memories sake, I go for it by closing my eyes while writing the check. LOL!

Today is the picture day for my fourth grader. I woke up early and woke her up early too since we have to decide on how to do her hair. I want to curl her hair but she said "NO" - regardless how she wear her hair, she will always be my prettiest baby/princess! :) Loved my girl to death... :)

It will take a month before the picture will be release. I hope she give her best.