Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Flu Shot Season

Fall is simply around the corner and it means few things such as leaves will be changing colors and soon after will be falling off. Weather will be changing from hot to chilly morning and breezy!

But to people, there's one thing that really anticipated which is getting protection from the "FLU" this fall. I worked at the pharmacy and we already been offering the shot. People are now coming without asking them, they go by their will. LOL! Majority would want their shot on October. According to pharmacists, the sooner the better but it is just hard to convince some of those people who believed that getting it by October will be the best.

What matter is, they will get it. It is not fun to have the flu. Some doesn't want to get the flu shot as it has a negative effect to them. Yours truly never had one since I got here in 2006- I am afraid to get one and have the bad reaction to it. So far, I am good without it. :)