Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Fixed Appliance Plus Retainer

image not mine

This is what fixed appliance would look like in our girl's mouth. She just turned 9 years old. Her dentist was so worried about the "crowding" that she have. To avoid the problem in the future, she recommend the fixed appliance to be put in our girl's teeth. She still have so many baby teeth that 8 to 9 months from now are gonna fall out.

My husband and I are not very worried about it-we're thinking of going to another dentist and seek for a second opinion. If we'll get the same opinion, then, we are going to have our girl have it. She plays trumpet. According to her dentist, it will cause discomfort for a week and then, she will be able to adjust.

As my husband was doing some researched online about the pros and cons of having the appliance, some were awful and some are not. It is really hard to decide. The best option is to visit another dentist.