Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Thirty Days To Get Your Home Ready For Sale? Let's Make It Happen

People spend months, even years getting a home ready for sale. I kid you not, some people move in and start thinking about ways to make the home look more attractive and valuable for the market. Rather than thinking about how to improve it for their family, they consider the benefits for the future owner! Do this, and you’re not getting the most out of your home. You’re constantly thinking about the future and before you know it, the time will come to sell. At this point, your house isn’t a home; it’s just the place where you live. I hate that idea, and I’m sure you do too.

There’s another problem with spending ages getting a home ready for sale too. Typically, that time isn’t available. You might be headhunted for a job in another part of the country. At that point, you will have to move as quickly as possible. Or, you might have to move quickly due to personal reasons. Either way, you can’t spend an age getting your house ready for sale.

If you do spend a few months getting your home ready, you might miss the buying season completely. If you don’t know the buying season for houses starts around March and ends in September. That might seem like a fairly large chunk of the year. However, the real hotspot is May and June. If you miss this period, you will be looking at a wait for your home to attract any attention.

Don’t believe the estate agents that tell you a home will see at any time either. Remember, they won’t want to advertise the fact there’s a downtime in the market. That’s a period in the year where they won’t be making a lot of money. If they can attract buyers to sell at this time, they will. You can find more info on the home buying season on

It all paints a rather bleak picture, doesn’t it? You shouldn’t prepare early, but you have to make the deadline to get your house sold. Well, I have good news for potential buyers. I think it is possible to get your home ready for sale in just thirty days. That means you can start in April, and your home will be on the market in may, ready for the sale season. To make this easier we can split your time spent into four weeks.

Week One: Curb Appeal

You need to spend week one focusing on the exterior of the home and making sure that is has great curb appeal. A good clean is a place to start, and I know, it sounds simple. It isn’t though because people always forget certain areas. The paving stones and paths, for instance, are always forgotten. Usually, that’s because homeowners don’t notice there are any problems with the paths at all. Home buyers will though and any stains or marks will catch their eye. Cleaning this area of the home can be a nightmare, and you need a power washer. Don’t have one? You can find a review of a solid 2000 psi washer by online. It’s probably one of the best washers on the market. It will make cleaning your steps, paving and driveway a piece of cake.

Considering curb appeal, you do need to think about style as well. You probably don’t think of a home as something that looks old fashioned. But they can, and young couples often have a very specific idea of how they want their new home to look. This could be as simple as taking the wood window frames off the outside. Lately, these have fallen out of style. Right now, it’s better to make your windows look like one big surface rather than being broken into four parts.

The garden has got to look neat and tidy too. If you want a handy tip, cutting the grass short and keeping everything trimmed makes the property look larger. If your grass isn’t growing properly, you may want to hire the help of a landscaper. They can use natural nutrients in the soil to make sure your grass grows to fill your garden. Bare patches can be a nasty eyesore, so you will want to avoid this issue. This site has got some great ideas on how to improve your lawn.

Here’s another great tip that doesn’t take a lot of time or money. Paint your door a different color from the rest of the home. It could be a royal red, a sky blue, or a sunny yellow. This will help your house stand out from the rest of the street. Colorful homes are also quite a modern idea so it will make your house look contemporary. Do check your homeowner contract first, though. If you live in a planned neighborhood, this type of style may be against a bylaw.

Do you have a number of your home? Upgrade it with more stylish, contemporary fixture. Make sure it stands out from the rest of the street. This could give you the upper hand if there are other homes on sale. You can find new home numbers on

Week Two: The USP

Once you’ve cleaned up the outside of your home and added some small features, you need to consider the USP. This may not require that you change anything about your home. But if you know what the USP is you can accentuate it and bring it into focus. You can make it the focal point of the sale. It will be mentioned on the sale profile, and you can highlight it when you show people around.

A home USP could be anything; you just need to know how to sell it. For instance, there might be a grass verge near the front of your home. You can mention that your kids love to play there all the time, and it’s a communal area for the children in the neighborhood. Maybe, in the summer the sun shines on your garden all through the day. To accentuate this USP, make sure you put out some stylish garden furniture. Highlight the fact that you spend a lot of time out in your yard. You can do this by making sure it is furnished. After all, why else would you expensive looking furniture in your back garden?

You might have an extra room in your home. There are two ways to make this a USP. Empty it and paint it cream to make it look as big as possible. Doing this, you are giving the buyer a blank canvas to paint their ideas on. Or, you can set it up for a specific use. If you think your home appeals to young couples, set it up as a nursery. Young couples are looking for homes within a price range of 100 to 150 thousand.

You might be worried that your home doesn’t have a USP, but I guarantee you it does. The keyword that you’ll often see on a sales site is potential. ‘The garage has great potential’ is just a way of saying it’s a mess, but it’s also massive. You get the idea.

Week Three: Spick And Span

Clean it, varnish it, vacuum it and polish it. Week three is about making sure your home looks the part. It needs to be a dream come true for home buyers. One example of this is a stair banister. The stair banister might be a dark and dull color that looks outdated and boring. Remember, modern homes are colorful and bright. You can easily remove the old covering of the banister and replace it with a new lick of varnish. This will take at most, a few hours. Therefore, you will easily be able to complete a job like this in week three.

If you’ve already found another house, I do suggest you move out some of your furniture. Home buyers will be put off if your property looks cluttered. You won’t be able to show how big it is. In fact, it will probably look smaller and affect the amount buyers are willing to offer. If you don’t have a new property removal teams often offer storage services. You can store excess furniture and keep your home open.

Week Four: Finishing Touches

You can spend week four adding anything that you think your home might need. Remember, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a viewing as soon as it goes on the market. This often happens if you do manage to put it up for the busy season. That’s why your home always needs to be ready for that first viewing. Put some flowers in different rooms around the home. The house should look lived in, but it shouldn’t be a mess. That happy medium is difficult to achieve, and basically, you are aiming for the look of a show home. It might be a good idea to check a couple out to get those important finishing touches. Modern accessories chosen selectively can give your home just the right image. Things like a carving that says believe on the mantle piece or an antique, vintage coat racks. It’s these little details that persuade a view to make an offer. You can find modern accessories for your home at

There we have it. In just thirty days your home could be ready for the market. You’ve even got two extra to find and estate agent and get that sign up. But with all these steps ticked off, I don’t think it will be up for long.