Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Revenue Sharing Online Business

What am I up to?! Anyway, two jobs or three are always better than one. One full time and a part time job will be perfect for a hard working individual. These days, one full time job is not enough, everything is so expensive and hard to keep up when paying bills and etc.

Before it made me think that some people with 2 or 3 jobs were crazy but I was wrong. Right now, I want another job. I have a full time job but with 2 kids, bills and other expenses, it is difficult to stay in shape.

I am a mother and though my husband is retired and does the cooking and some stuffed at home, still I do things after work, house and kids related. I am tired and could not imagine of getting another job. 

Anyway, I am fortunate that I found Online jobs, marketing, revenue sharing and etc. But, I am involved in revenue sharing that I am working on right now. This revenue sharing is my second job. It is not time consuming. I only have to spend 5 minutes or less and I am done for the day. Easy, right?! :)

I thank GOD for that... This is perfect for me. :)