Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Divorce is the Answer to an Abusive Marriage

I met Laura not her real name, a Filipino liked me at the pharmacy, they were regular customers (her and the husband) - the couple seems in love to each other. Laura always had the card and does the payment. In short, they had this image of a happy couple. Early this year, I planned of going to visit the but the weather didn't permit it, it was cancelled for a reasoned. 

Laura would sent me messages in regular basis, it was all good and comforting. Lately, she sent me a very disturbing message that made me think twice if that really was from her. I arranged a time of stopping by to their place but 2 days prior to my visit to her, she sent me a msg. telling me about her and her husband having a disagreement about something. She also been acting weird, disturb, hopeless asking people for prayers and help to visit or call her.

Deep inside I felt worried for her safety. Earlier today, she gave me a call and told me about everything. How her husband treated her and how their son being brainwash and etc. I was surprised that her marriage is not as I think it was. She don't drive, I don't either but despite of that, I have a full time job. She is not working due to her health. She's in her 50's, no wonder why she looked too old for her age, she is stressed and depressed. 

If only I could help her. If only it is easy as 1, 2 and 3- I will surely welcome her to our house though it's not big. I told her to call the shelter, she was admitted to the mental institution by her husband, police were called. She was accused of mental illness. Isn't it sad?!

My GOD, I knew things happening for a reason. I hope it's not too late for her to get out from her toxic marriage. Only if I can rescue her and not be in trouble or putting myself and family in risk.

As a friend, I told her to divorce her husband in good faith. I pray he'll let her go. She is pennyless, her savings was robbed by her husband and used it to purchased a new pick up truck. She was saving it for their son's education for college.