Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Big Changes In Your Outdoor Spaces That Can Mean An Even Bigger Pay-off

Time to make some changes in your garden? Let’s take a look a small handful of big changes for your outdoor space that can mean an even bigger payoff!

Big change- install a swimming pool
Pay off- add value to your home
If you don’t already have a swimming pool outside your home, what are you waiting for? They are fantastic for so many reasons. Make it big enough and you can use it to do laps every morning. Far more preferable than commuting to your local, busy gym, that’s for sure. It’s also a great feature to have when you have garden parties, as these can become pool parties. The elderly can use the water as a low-impact way to keep their fitness up. Children can be taught to swim and learn a valuable new skill. As you can see, the lifestyle payoff is huge. But the payoff can also be huge financially, as swimming pools can really add value to a home. If you’re going to do most of the hard graft yourself, make sure you budget for things like machinery hire. Digging a hole in the garden big enough for a swimming pool is very hard work with just a shovel, after all!

Big change- build a summerhouse
Pay off- add space to your home
The benefits and uses of a summer house are so many, it would be impossible to list them all here. But to go over some of them? Well, it adds an extra living space to your home, for one. It can be rented out, to make you some extra cash on the side! It can be used for sulky teenagers who want to play their music really loudly! It can accommodate elderly parents who you want to have nearer to you. Or, it can just accommodate guests and friends who want a comfortable and welcoming place to stay. That’s not to mention that you could well make back the money you spend on installing one if you ever come to see. A summer house or Granny Flat can be a real draw to potential buyers!

Big change- erect a kids treehouse
Pay off- kids happy to play at home
It is more than understandable that these days that many parents are anxious about their kids playing away from home. Being able to keep an eye on them is a huge plus, and means you know where they are and what they’re doing. It also means that if something does go wrong, you can be there to help out in an instant. A clever way to make your kids want to stay close to home is to provide them with something worth staying home for! A treehouse always gives your kids and young ones a tangible bit of privacy. They don’t just feel like they’re out in their parents garden. Plus a treehouse can grow with this. While kids might use it for games and adventures, it can transform into a study space for teenagers. In years down the line, when they visit with their partners, you could even get a sofabed up their and turn it into a spare room. Privacy for all- excellent!