Thursday, July 21, 2016

Save Money with Store Brand Medicines

I felt bad for people/patients who have no ideas about the difference of store brand and name brand medicines. We all believed the name brands are always made of high quality or much more effective but PRICEY in most cases.

I was clueless before. Now, that I work at the pharmacy, pharmacists would recommend store brands or generic names. The reasoned why, it is cheaper and ingredients are the same. 

When it comes to Insulin, doctors prescribed the name brand which can cost to more than $100 per vial. When  there is a store brand for it for less, same ingredients and strength. One patient came and inquired. He was happy and could not believed how cheap our insulin was. 

I liked working in the pharmacy as I learned new things everyday and meet different types of people. Also, it is very interesting to learn about processing insurances and etc.