Friday, July 1, 2016

How To Enjoy A Great Vacation With All The Family

Taking a vacation with your family can often turn into a week of stress for you and tantrums from the kids. All your good intentions of spending quality time with them and having fun seem to slip away somewhere on the way to your destination. It’s difficult to predict how your children will behave when they’re up early for a flight or stuck strapped into the car for an extra hour of traffic jams. So how can you ensure you’re all enjoying the time together rather than getting fed up with each other?

The journey to your vacation destination will never go smoothly. That’s just how it goes with vacations! So plan ahead for all possible outcomes. Anticipate traffic, emergency bathroom breaks and kids having a scuffle in the back. Now prepare for how you’re going to cope with it. A print-out of a map for your route to the airport can be marked up with all the opportunities for stops. Use an online journey planner to see how long your journey should take, then double it. Now you can prepare some entertainment for the duration of your car ride.

Car video screens are very handy for keeping kids occupied. Attach them to the headrests of the front seat to avoid nausea from looking down. You may also want a few car game ideas so everyone can join in the fun. Wireless headphones are handy to avoid fights about the volume levels. Choose some non-sticky snacks to keep hungry tummies from rumbling. Pack some baby wipes anyway! And a bottle of water each will help keep them feeling refreshed.

When you finally reach your destination, things may not be quite as you’d hoped. You may need to think quick to avoid the kids getting disappointed. Try to make games out of everything. Is the elevator not working? Count the steps up to your floor. The pool’s closed? Have an extra deep bubble bath instead. Can you make a den in the hotel room, so the bed looks more fun and less torturous?

Getting out of the hotel and enjoying what your vacation destination has to offer is how to make the best memories. You can easily rent a people mover to fit the whole family, and you might have room to pick up another holidaying family too. That way your kids will have other kids to play with. And you’ll have some company too. If you do your research online before you leave, chances are you will find lots of places of interest to visit. Let each child pick one each day. That way nobody feels they’re missing out on choosing their vacation activities.

Vacations should be the warmest memories you have as you grow up. All parents want their kids to make wonderful memories of time away together too. It’s one of the few times when you are all together enjoying some quality time and fun. With just a little planning and fast thinking, you too could have a great break away.