Monday, July 25, 2016

Family Adventure At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

It suck that Lake Tobias is almost 2 hours drive from where we lived and that; I am not a big fan of long distance trvel due to my motion sickness. I really loved and adore the said Wildlife Park/Zoo- they have many different interesting animals and a  petting section zoo for kids. My kids loved and enjoyed that area, the petting zoo. Majority were goats, babies and mommies. :)

We missed visiting the place last year as it was far and our boy was 3 years old, so it wasn't really that convenient and etc. This year, I pursued and kids are not that very young. Our boy managed to walked the whole visit at the zoo which was a pure relieved. :)

Some images that I took from the zoo... It was a nice adventure doing it as a family. :)

the petting area, goats everywhere. :)

deer, so many of them.. :)