Friday, July 22, 2016

Defective Mouse Trap

When it was only me and my husband living in this house, we never had a mouse running... They started appearing when our kids turned toddlers. It can't be avoided when they drop food or throw food in some hidden places. Anyway, there is a solution to that. Thanks GOD! 

Lately, my husband had mentioned about seeing a mouse wandering around the living room one late night as he was still up. He used a mouse trap, put peanut butter to enticed the mouse, morning came, he checked the trap, the peanut butter was gone! Damn, smart mouse we thought...

There was a spare mouse trap. He used that and got the mouse. A couple nights passed. He spotted a mouse again. He used the very first trap, same thing, it didn't go off. Didn't catch the mouse.

We concluded that it was a defective mouse trap, 2 chances lost. So, the defective mouse trap ended in the garbage.