Thursday, July 21, 2016

Could Your Kitchen Be More Smart & Stylish? Let’s Find Out!

The thing about kitchens is that there are always new ideas coming out to make the space more stylish, which means upgrades can always be made. If you’re unsure whether your cooking space - aka your kitchen, is as smart or stylish as it could be, you might be considering revamping it a little. With that in mind, I thought I would share all the hottest new kitchen trends, both in terms of decor and design, and technology. Want to know how to make your kitchen more smart and stylish - here’s everything that you need to know.

Using easy-to-wipe paint

kitchen 9.jpg

Are you sick and tired of your kitchen walls getting grimy and sticky and being a nightmare to clean? The problem with kitchens is that thanks to the grease and steam, walls get dirty easily. While you could opt to tile your walls, or at least the walls around the main cooking area, that’s not the only option. There are now ‘wipeable paints’ that are easy to keep clean, making them ideal for kitchens. All it takes is a damp cloth to pass over a stain, and it should come off. The only downside to wipeable paint is that it only comes in sheer finishes, as matte finishes aren’t as easy to wipe clean. However, the fact that they mean you will only need to repaint your kitchen every few years is a major bonus.

Making your stove easier to use

Is your stove a bit of a nightmare to use? Does it often get too hot or doesn’t heat up quickly enough? Instead of attempting to guess when it’s ready to use, why not invest in a stove thermometer? These are fantastic as they allow you to see temperature your stove is at, before using it. There are lots of thermometers to choose from, but the best stove thermometer is one that can be used on all sorts of stoves effectively. From traditional stoves to more modern ones, you want a thermometer that’s effective when used on all stove types. This will make cooking and using your stove much easier and more effective.

Using an app to control your appliances

using smarty.jpg

Technology has evolved a lot over the past few years and has now got to the point where your smartphone can do absolutely everything. From sending an email to turning on your oven or washing machine, smartphones can do almost anything. If you've got modern appliances in your home, such as a washing machine or microwave that’s ‘smart’, you can operate it from your phone. This means that if you’re out and about and want to put the washing on or preheat the oven, you can do. If you’re thinking of upgrading any of your appliances, from your dishwasher to your kettle, consider opting for smart ones. Having these types of appliances will make life much easier for you and your family.

Opting for non-scratch work surfaces

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You would think that all work surfaces would be non-scratch, but sadly that’s not the case. Not all work surfaces are non-scratch, which means that should you chop something on them they will mark. Many older work surfaces also aren’t heatproof, which means if you put a hot pan onto them, they melt. Today, however, there are plenty of work surface options that can last for years because they are scratch, chip and heat proof. This means that although they may cost a little more, in the long-run they’ll save you money as they’ll stay looking good for longer. If you want a kitchen that’s smart and stylish, having work surfaces that last for longer and are resistant to damage is a must.

Installing underfloor heating

Do you love the look of slate or marble flooring in your kitchen but have always settled for lino because of how cold it can get? If you’re happy to invest in your kitchen, you can have slate or tile flooring put in with underfloor heating installed at the same time. That way, you don’t have to stress about the flooring being too cold, as the heating will keep it and the entire room nice and warm. Underfloor heating has been around for a few years now. It's a fantastic invention as it allows rooms that are prone to coldness due to the floor, to be warm, cosy spaces.

Picking cupboards and draws that are smart

Is one of your pet peeves having to attempt to open a cupboard or drawer with sticky hands while cooking? Then you’ll love the new smart cupboards and drawers that you can get fitted in your kitchen. There are various designs that can now be open with just the slightest nudge. Making them a great option for when your hands are full or sticky from cooking. Because these smart drawers and cupboards come in a range of designs, there’s sure to be some that are ideal for your kitchen’s design. As well as for your budget, of course.

Lights that turn on with a clap of your hands

clap ligts.jpg

Does your kitchen have just a light switch - that’s so outdated! Today, the new kitchen craze is lights that turn on and off with the clap of your hands or the click of your fingers. They’re called smart lights, and they’re taking the kitchen design world by storm. This is especially true for family kitchens as they’re fun and safe for kids to use. You don’t need to worry about having wet hands when touching the switch, for example. (For this reason, they’re also a popular bathroom design choice too.)

So there you have it, all the ways you can make your kitchen more smart and stylish. If, after reading this, you’ve found that your kitchen isn’t as stylish as you thought it was, take the time to change that. It might cost you, but having a smart and stylish kitchen will most definitely add extra value to your home. This will increase your profit should you ever choose to sell up and move to somewhere new.