Thursday, July 21, 2016

Celebrating 9th Birthday to Adventure Aquarium New Jersey

So far, I am fixed towards my plans for our girl's upcoming 9th birthday on July 31st- I visited the Adventure Aquarium's website in New Jersey where prices were reasonable. The thing is, it is quite a long travel about 3 hours. None of us been there. I am looking forward that it will happen and nothing will hinder my plans as I am planning of going to Niagara Falls too in New York!

In 2011, my girl who was 4 years old got the chanced of visiting Niagara Falls, we stayed at my friend's house. This time, it's gonna be the four of us, solid family. I want my kids to get use in traveling distances. And, the place in New Jersey is really a great place for them to experience. My cousin who lived in New Jersey been to the said place and they enjoyed it together with their kiddos.
Crossing fingers that everything goes well and plan will stick as it is to be. Also, weather will cooperate. :)