Monday, June 27, 2016

Reasons To Stay In Greece Forever

It’s no secret that I love Greece. And I know from your comments that I’m not alone. There is plenty to love about Greece, and there are many people who travel to this incredible country every year. But there always seems to be a reason to go home again. Work, family, and other commitments keep us from enjoying all that Greece has to offer year round. So maybe we just need a few more reasons to stay, right?

Nobody could argue with the fact the weather is pretty good in Greece. It’s warm, but the coastal breezes make it refreshing enough to be a comfortable heat. You’re not likely to have your summer holiday spoiled by any prolonged rain showers. And the pains in the joints you get when it’s cold could be eliminated by spending your winters in Greece. There is no pollution affecting your chest like it does in the cities where you work. And life in the great outdoors can be just the thing to get your body back into great shape.

Nobody could argue with the fact that Greece is rich in history and culture too! If you’re a fan of the ancient, and keen to find the origins of many of today’s great tales, Greece is the place to start your search. It’s not a huge country so you can easily access all that this fine region has to offer. You might start in Amanzoe Greece and then make your way around the coast. This could lead you to some wonderful ruins, historical markets, and some of the most incredible museums in the world.

Mediterranean food is healthy, delicious, and accompanies the area’s incredible wines! Everything you need for a well-rounded and thoroughly enjoyable diet can be sourced locally. Of course, there are many native dishes that Greece is world-renowned for too. Slow cooking is a speciality here. And it means meat dishes are soft, tasty, and incredibly satisfying in the evening.

Most of us love to spend an afternoon or two on the beach. But in Greece, it’s possible to live near the beach in a beautiful apartment or luxury villa. Step outside onto the sand, or enjoy just watching the waves lap at the beach. The sounds, sights, and smells of Greek beaches are relaxing, refreshing, and romantic. Always best shared, but the source of isolated inspiration too. Who wouldn’t want to feel that soft sand between their toes every Monday morning?

For any water enthusiast, Greece doesn’t disappoint. Ideally situated in a bay position, much of the country is sheltered. Yet the waters are challenging enough to enjoy water sports, sailing, and swimming. It’s a great place to live if you own a yacht. There are easy routes to other Mediterranean countries, and you can even enjoy places like Cyprus and Turkey in a day.

The cost of living isn’t too high in Greece. And remote working makes it possible to enjoy life here wherever you may be based. Love Greece as a holiday destination, but stay for the life you could lead here.