Saturday, April 30, 2016

Setting Traditional Breakfast On Saturday

Setting Traditional Breakfast On Saturday: Before I started working I used to cooked a Filipino breakfast which calling for a heavy meal. That's how we do it in Philippines any meal includes rice and viand. I had all the time I need back then being a stayed at home mom!

Since I started working, all I am looking forward are the easiest, quick prepared meals. I only have two days off in a week. One day off is Wednesday which my girl has to get up early and so do I. She likes to have waffles, cereal or pop tart for her breakfast. 

Saturday is a special day as all of us are home! I am off and my girl don't have to get up early. We stayed in bed late. I handled the cooking. And, always have BACON and EGGS! Were setting our own Saturday breakfast! Kids LOVED BACON and EGGS! I bought the thick sliced bacon though pricey but it is always worth the bite! :)