Monday, April 25, 2016

Reconnected By Facebook-Social Media

When I was in College I had great memories with my best buddies- there were 5 of us whom always present and schoolmates looked at us; as the most silly people for we were nothing but loaded of immaturity and craziness. Laugh here and there and was simply living a happy life. I did really enjoyed those  days.

Unfortunately, all 4 of them had graduated at the same time while I was left behind (financial reasoned, GOD's plan)... It was hard to be separated with them but I had no option. I only stopped for a half semester but regardless of that, it separated us still.

Two of them went to the big city seeking for a bright future. Got married and GOD was so nice to bless them both a happy and successful lives. One stayed in the city where we went to College, got married and landed with a stable job. The other one went abroad and engaged to a foreigner. While I am here and living in the USA enjoying life with my two precious kids. Husband is a good man.. ;)

Anyway, year after year after year. I lost connection with all of them. I created my Facebook with a different name. I searched for my friends/buddies  but they might not have the Fb or might liked me who was  using unsearchable names. Who knows.

One of our friend came home and was flipping pages from her yearbook whom she saw my cousin. From there, she got on my cousin's FB and luckily she recognized me and sent a request. Now, we are reconnected!!! All of us 5 and I am going home in year 2018 to visit my family, relatives, friends and of course, to have a reunion with my long lost buddies in College! Thanks GOD for the surprised... :)