Saturday, April 23, 2016

Paid Time Off Is Great

As the system have changed at work majority of the employees find it confusing and non sense. I, personally had felt the same way. There's no more 2 weeks paid vacation, sick leave or personal day off! Everything belong to PTO or Paid Time Off- this PTO is given us the control of when and how we want it to be use.

Since I am a full time employee, I worked 40 hours a wee which allow me to make 2 PTO- every PTO is equivalent to 17 points. Therefore, 2 PTO's for me! Last month, I filed for 2 PTO's for I have my son's dental appointment (with pay) and the other  one is for my girl for her school event (with pay).

I am understanding this system now and liking it... My goal is to accumulate as many PTOs as I could for I am planning of going home by 2018- it is always nice to be off work while getting paid the same rate and hours. :)