Monday, April 25, 2016

Glow In The Dark Kids Easel

Glow In The Dark Kids Easel is what I got for my kids from Crayola. It was $49+ original price and was down to $25.00 which was a real good deal. There were about 4 left and was lucky to grabbed one before it is all gone.

The reasoned why I bought the easel is for my girl who is into mulitplication and division. It is easier that way to study with the easel that glow in the dark, makes learning more fun and we can take it tobed with the lights off.

My 4 years ols is also enjoying it. It comes with two sides. One side uses chalks while the other sides uses crayola marker/gel. It requires special chalk and markers. Anyway, it was really helpful and very useful for both of my kiddos!