Saturday, April 30, 2016

7 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle this Summer

The thing about houses and apartments is that they always need improvements. There’s always something we can tweak or revamp. They are a work in progress. While DIY is a job for any time of the year, there are certain tasks best left to the summer.

1. New Paving or Decking for the Garden
Is it time to repave your garden? Have you noticed cracks or holes in the cement? Would you like a new patio area for BBQs and outdoor parties? If so, the warm, dry summer months are the best time to tackle this. Ensure any underlying issues are dealt with before you begin. For example, if you suspect you may need sewer line repair services, get this resolved in advance. With advances in technology, this can be completed without having to dig up the whole garden.

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2. Painting Furniture
If your furniture is looking a little worn, a lick of paint might be the answer. Rather than replacing old items, revamp them instead. There is a range of materials and paints that are ideal for the job. Painting furniture is ideal for the summer months as items can dry in the garden.


3. Decluttering and Throwing a Yard Sale
Sometimes it’s hard to believe how many possessions we accumulate over the years. Every so often, it’s good to have a sort out and get rid of items we no longer need. There are lots of methods of decluttering. One of the most popular is to separate items into several piles. One pile is for rubbish, the other is for recycling, and the last pile is for items you intend to give away. The rest of the items should be tidied away.

One option for disposing of all the items you no longer need is to throw a yard sale. This will help you to declutter and bring in a little extra cash.

4. Replacing Windows
The winter months can reveal issues with your windows. Leaks and cracks can become more apparent. Drafts are also more noticeable in colder weather. If your windows need replacing, aim to do this in the summer.

5. Painting the Exterior of Your Home
Painting the outside of your home requires dry weather to allow the paint time to dry. A quick lick of paint to woodwork and gates provides an instant lift. Your home appears fresh, clean and welcoming.

6. Cutting Trees
When trees grow too tall, they can block out natural daylight. They can also interfere with telegraph wires. It’s a good idea to keep on top of them and provide regular pruning. Always ask a qualified tree surgeon to do this for you. They have specialist safety equipment and harnesses. They will also ensure the tree is not damaged during the process.

7. Replacing Your Roof
Like windows, replacing or mending the roof is best left to the summer. Sometimes problems are apparent after bouts of bad weather. For example, you may notice leaks or broken tiles.

If there are tasks you have been putting off for a while, try to get them done in the summer. By the time winter comes, the house will be tip-top and protected from the elements.