Monday, April 25, 2016

4 Essential Checks To Carry Out Now To Keep You Safe At Home

Most people consider their home a safe haven to retreat to after long, busy days. Although your home may look safe and secure, it may be harboring hidden dangers. Here are some essential checks to perform now to keep you safe and prevent accidents and injuries.

1.Electrical testing
Most of us rely on electricity these days. If you have electrical appliances, such as kettles and toasters, electrical testing is recommended. Regular testing and maintenance checks are recommended. They help to ensure that appliances are in good working order and that they meet the latest safety guidelines. If you have complex outdoor lighting circuits or electric gates, you will also need to organize routine checks. If you have recently moved into an old house, it may be worth getting an electrician to have a look around before you start using any appliances. If the wiring is outdated, it may be beneficial to invest in rewiring.

2. Smoke detector tests
All homes should have smoke detectors to reduce the risk of injuries caused by fires. If you have smoke alarms, they will alert you to the danger before you are able to smell smoke or you notice flames. Once you have smoke detectors installed, it’s essential to check th
e batteries on a regular basis. If the batteries do run out, make sure you change them as quickly as possible. Contact your local fire department for more information about installation and checks.

3. Boiler and air conditioning checks
Most of us rely on technology for heating and cooling our homes. As we move towards summer, now is a perfect time to get air conditioning units checked out and book a routine boiler examination. If the boiler or your air conditioning units are faulty, this can increase the risk of harmful health conditions. Examples include carbon monoxide poisoning. You may also find that your heating systems are less effective than they should be. Keep a record of your last safety check and set a reminder to book the next appointment.

4. Burglar alarm maintenance
Everybody wants to feel safe in their own home. Sadly, there are opportunistic people around who target homes and steal valuable possessions. There are various measures you can take to protect your valuables and make your home harder to breach. A visible burglar alarm is an effective deterrent. Check your burglar alarm routinely. You may also wish to consider adding outdoor lighting and CCTV. Always ensure that your windows and doors are locked and never leave keys by the front door. Enrol in a neighborhood watch scheme and ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your house if you’re going away for the night. Electric gates can also make homes more difficult to target. Dogs can also be very useful security guards.

Most of us devote time to cleaning and DIY, but it’s easy to forget some routine maintenance tasks. Follow these simple guidelines to keep everything in good working order and reduce the risk of break-ins and accidents at home. Keeping on top of routine tests will help to ensure your home remains a relaxing, safe retreat.