Monday, March 7, 2016

Healthy Family Relationship Matters

Healthy Family Relationship Matters: As I was talking to my co-employee this afternoon and chatting about new things going on his life... He wasn't skeptical of sharing the status of his marriage. 

His wife, soon to be his ex is filing for a divorce. Though, he is not a big fan of so called divorce, he said, he signed the papers to made his soon to be ex wife happy as she is already in a relationship with her new guy and seemed happy with him.

They have a son together, not his biological son but he raised him since the kid was a baby. He is the father for this kid. Anyway, he is 9 years old and in 4th grade and having a  rough  time at school, classes. He has ADHD on top of the situation. He doesn't liked the idea that his mom and dad are separated. His condition is getting worst despite of his medication.

He is acting the way he is due to his parents are not together. They were once a happy family and now broken... :( Kid(s) are the one that really get so affected and mainly suffer for the consequences. :(

Happy family with happy parents relationship will inspire and make kids happy!