Wednesday, February 3, 2016

White Gold Plain Wedding Band 14k

My husband ordered this ring for me from Amazon for our 11th year wedding anniversary... I stopped wearing our official wedding ring (I used to wore my engagement and wedding ring) to worked, 5 days a week. With my rings having diamonds, I am not gonna take a risk of losing any diamond as it wouldn't looked the same if one would fall off.

I was told by my co-worker that she lost her diamond when  she was wearing her ring once. That was a warning! Therefore, I decided not to wear my rings. My husband surprises me with this 14k white gold plain wedding band ring, 8mm in width. I am a white gold person, I'm not a big fan of yellow gold.

I also a fan of wide size ring. Actually, the very first one that he got me was Yellow Gold and not was 4mm. I'm sorry but I didn't liked it. LOL! So, he got back to Amazon and found this one. I wear size 6 but unfortunately, there size 6 was tight to my finger. My husband had to returned this ring and ordered size 6.75- he received an e-mail informing him that the ring had been mailed yesterday. :)