Monday, February 29, 2016

Making Your Wedding A Dream Come True

I love weddings. The idea of declaring your love for someone in front of all your family and friends is such a beautiful idea. But I think the fun of a wedding comes from the planning. It’s all about making sure that everything is perfect and exactly the way you want it. I think we all know where the planning of your wedding starts. It begins with sending out the invitations.

The Invitation

I know people who have spent an absolute fortune on wedding invitations. I kid you not I'm talking about spending hundreds on sending out pieces of paper. Why is this? They believe, as you might that the wedding is all about presentation. But that’s not what a wedding should be about at all. Your wedding should be to do with your own personal enjoyment. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on the invites, you don’t have to. You have two possible options.

Either, you can send the invites out as E-cards. That way, you can still make them look stunning but save on printing and paper or card. Alternatively, you can design the invites you send out yourself. If you know your way around a word processor, it’s easy to make a wedding invite stunning. Then, add a few art craft accessories to make the invite a little more unique and your job is done. If I were you, I’d worry less about the invite and more about choosing the perfect date for your wedding.

The Perfect Dress

I don’t know what people think about next when planning their wedding. But I know what I think the most important part is, and that’s the dress. Everything centres around the bride’s dress and you need to find one that makes you feel like royalty. You might have seen pictures of brides wearing stunning, intricate, complex gowns. But if you want something that’s simpler and not so extravagant, that’s okay too. Remember, you need to find a dress that you are comfortable wearing. Forget about what anyone else thinks, this is your day. A wedding dress doesn’t have to have been styled by a famous designer to be perfect for you. A simple dress can be more elegant than an extravagant design.

When looking for your dress, shop around online and in local stores. You might be surprised when you discover where the perfect dress for you was hiding.

Choosing A Venue

After the dress, I think the second most important part of a wedding is the venue. You might have grown up knowing exactly where you wanted to get married. Or, you may still be searching for the perfect place. Don’t forget that these days if you have the money and imagination you can get married almost anywhere. You don’t have to be limited by the four walls of the church. You might instead, want to get married on a beach at sunset. Or perhaps, on a boat somewhere on the Atlantic ocean. These concepts are possible once you start to examine your choices. If you have hired a wedding planner, they might be able to help you with some of these more interesting possibilities.

Remember, once you have chosen the venue, it will be the little details that make it perfect. These are the stylistic choices that you will be arranging yourself. For instance, you might choose the venue for the wedding reception. But you and your wedding team will be styling it yourself. Something as simple as choosing the right tablecloths will completely alter the appearance of the room. Hotel and banquet table cloths by Richard Haworth are a brilliant choice and will make your reception stunning.

Again, if you want to save money you can then make little items for each table. These could be a small wish boxes for guests to fill with their hopes for you and your partner. Or, you might want to make little chocolates for your guests to dine on.

Bringing It Together

As you might have seen now, planning a wedding involves piecing together a number of different parts and factors. If you get it all right, you can have the wedding of your dreams. Unfortunately, due to there being so many different things to think about it hardly ever goes exactly as you planned. That’s why it’s a good idea to have backups on call in case you need them. It might seem harsh to have a backup maid of honor or another priest to perform the ceremony. But since this is your day, you’re allowed to make sure you have these people ready to stand in if they are needed.

I hope this advice helps you plan your perfect wedding and make all your dreams come true.