Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Key Issues You Must Consider Before Travelling Abroad

Are you thinking about travelling abroad this year? Perhaps you’re considering following in my footsteps as a world traveller? If you are you’re going to have a lot of fun on your journey, visiting new place and having exciting experiences. But there are a few things you will need to consider before you go. These are issues regarding the places that you might be travelling to.

The Weather
It may seem silly, but you wouldn’t believe how many people go abroad without the faintest idea of what the weather will be like over there. Or, worse still they make an incorrect assumption about the climate. If you’re from Florida you would be forgiven for thinking that other places are still experiencing warm winter weather. However, if you head over to London you might be surprised to find the weather changes from snowstorms, to sunny days, to rain on a regular basis. I recommend you pack a few different outfits just in case the weather turns on you.

There might be a place on your bucket list that is no longer safe for travel. For instance, I’m sure many people want to go to Egypt and see the pyramids. But, if you do some research you’ll find the situation is dangerous over there right now. The threat of terror attacks are high and even people outside the city have been attacked. While holiday representatives are trying to assure tourists the country is still secure, it is a risk you may not want to take. The same is true for Greece which is still in a state of political turmoil. Although you would be safe visiting one of the smaller islands.

If you are travelling to a middle east country, you might be surprised by some of the laws that you will be expected to follow. For instance, in popular tourist destinations like Dubai, you will still be expected to cover your body in some places. That’s why you should consider purchasing an Abaya. These can be bought to still look stylish and fashionable. Please be aware that in some countries public displays of affection such as kissing in public are an arrestable offence. If you want to stay out of trouble you must respect the local beliefs. There is virtually no separation of church and state in these countries.

You should also be aware of what you can and can’t take into countries. There are some very strange limitations for some regions, even places like the UK. But, you can find these out online and make sure that you do not break any trade regulations. If you do you’ll probably just get a sharp warning and whatever you were trying to bring in will be confiscated.

Last Minute Booking
Finally, it can be expensive to travel abroad. Particularly, if you are hoping to jump from one country to the next over a short period you should look for last minute booking. You would be surprised how cheap you can get travel if you turn up at an airport and book the next available plane.