Friday, February 5, 2016

Are You Open Plan Or Small And Intimate?

Getting the chance to rethink a house design can be a great opportunity. It doesn't matter too much whether you are renovating or building from scratch.  But it can really pay to think about how you approach the project and what things are important to you. You might be fond of larger open spaces for example and want to know how you can work this into your current project. Or it may be that you have a large open space and need or want to build in a separate area. Here are some thoughts about what will suit you best and how to go about it.

Open Plan
This principle is very much up there with the best of contemporary design. In terms of renovation, this is often about the taking down of walls. This might seem drastic but in fact, although it can be messy, it is not difficult to achieve. The main thing is that you do not remove a supporting wall without the necessary support in place. That having been said, many people choose to remove dividing walls between the kitchen, dining room and even lounge.  This can make sense in older smaller terraced buildings.

This has the benefit of opening up the house. It creates a feeling of space.  The feel is similar to that of a loft conversion or warehouse space. The benefits revolve around an open living style that is shared. This is not the style for people who want or need their own room. It tends to work better with couples or even younger families. But then again, as long as you have a space to retreat to, in a bedroom for example, then it might not matter.

As the large space is open, you will need to ensure that any doors you do have, work well and are of a superior standard in terms of security and design. Silvelox doors offer a substantial range of stylish indoor and external door options that can help you make the best choice for your project.

Intimate spaces
It may be that you have a larger space that needs a partition wall. You may wish to create a bedroom or study. It could be that you are thinking about an ensuite. Partition walls are easy and quick to install. They are generally framed in timber and finished with GIB or plasterboard.

Again think about having good quality doors that will allow you to enclose the spaces nicely. The advantages are that you can create a more intimate and quiet living area. In terms of the home office, having a retreat could be important to you. The main disadvantages are that you might need to install separate heating and lighting systems. You will have to think about natural light as well. You don't want to cut off a room from its main source.

Either way you decide to progress, it might be comforting to know that both can be reversed. Our needs are not static and might well change but working with quality material is paramount. Whatever way you decide to go, just ensure that it is well done and works for you.