Friday, January 15, 2016

Tips For Finding Your Ideal Crafting Project

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next crafting project, you may not have to look as far as you think. There are sources for ideas all around us. You may find your next big project idea at home, on the internet, or even at work. Here are a few tips to help inspire you for your next craft project:

Who Is It For?

You might be interested in a project idea for your children to get involved in. There are hundreds of great ideas you can try out. Toilet roll animals is a firm favorite for many. All you need is some soft felt in different colors, some scissors, and a glue stick. It’s great fun, and you can create an entire menagerie over time. Alternatively, you might be looking to create a homemade gift for a relative. Something like my chalkboard project can be ideal for someone wanting a fun way to note memos.

What Problems Will It Solve?
Some craft projects are inspired by need. For example, you might want something bright and fun to hold your pens and markers at work. A pen holder pot on the desk may sound like a simple project, but you can make it your own with a little design inspiration. If you look at websites like Pinterest, you can see plenty of examples of truly inspired designs for everyday and simple items. Maybe it’s time you finally built that spice rack?

What Can I Use To Create It?
Sometimes the point of a crafting project is to use some of the most interesting supplies from your local craft store. For example, Ebony Craft has an extensive supply of binding, ribbons and trim. These could be used for decorative furniture coverings or even homemade blinds. And who can resist all those cute, googly eyes from the craft shop? They can be used to great effect for any child’s project. Create monsters, character tees, or even personalized door name plates.

How Long Do I Have?
You might be looking for a big project idea that will keep you going for several weeks or even months. Scaled models are great for long term projects. You can choose to use a pack with instructions, or create the scene entirely from your inspiration. Maybe a doll’s house for your daughter is a project that is long overdue. For something quick and easy, why not create some party decorations for your next big bash? Or maybe some glamorous decorations for your favorite pumps?

Can I Learn Something New?
Taking on a new project gives you the perfect opportunity to learn new crafting skills. There are plenty of great ideas out there that may need you to try your hand at something new. Knitting and Needlecraft go hand in hand with crafting beautifully. What about crochet? Perhaps you’re ready to try some sculpting with air drying clay? Some of my favorite projects involve sculpting forms from old junk like metal washers, nuts, and springs. It’s great to make something new from something unwanted.

If you’re still looking for ideas and inspiration, have a look through my DIY and crafts category. Or maybe you’ll find something on Pinterest, Instagram, or Flickr. There are so many great projects out there. What will you choose?