Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Signs of Having Anxiety Disorder

Signs of Having Anxiety Disorder: If experiencing these signs, you must seek medical help from your doctor... Anxiety disorder was not in my vocabulary not until I started hearing it to many people regardless of their statuses in life. It seems that anxiety disorder is not rare and doesn't choose who you are.

To begin with, I had no idea that some things that I am experiencing is associated to anxiety disorder signs. I am considering of talking to my doctor about getting medicine to correct that "abnormality" feeling that I am experiencing though, I knew that it is not worse. Yet, I want it to be under control before it gets worse...

Signs that you have the said disorders: 
* Irrational Fears
*Sleep Problems
*Excessive Worry
*Muscle Tension
*Chronic Indigestion
*Stage Fright
*Self Consciousness
*Compulsive Behaviors
*Self Doubt

An individual doesn't need to have all the signs to have anxiety disorder. Signs that I have are sleep problems, excessive worry, stage fright, perfectionism, compulsive behaviors, self consciousness and self doubt. I almost have all! :(