Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Not A Big Online Shopper

Not A Big Online Shopper: Yes, as it most of the time it does not met my expectation of the product/item. The waste of time from waiting for the order to arrive an the risk of losing it during transit. There are insurances but it's another expense, another story.

The downside of shopping in regular stores, they're mostly over price and requires driving to shop while online, there are great offers and don't have to leave home.

Anyway, I ordered and had waited to find out that the one I ordered was "OUT OF STOCK"m I hate when it happens when I want it and was looking forward to the item. 

Oh well, I'm glad I am off today and hubby have a doctor's appointment this afternoon where I can go with him and go ton the store to find the thing that was out of stock online.