Thursday, January 21, 2016

Makeup Techniques That Actually Help To Slim Your Face

The thing I love most about makeup is that it isn’t there to cover up your face. It is there to enhance what you already have. OK, so sometimes there are things that we want to cover up (hello large zit in the middle of my face). Other than that, it is all about enhancing. You can even use makeup in specific ways to make your face look slimmer. Try some of these techniques next time you apply your makeup. Take a before and after selfie and see if you can tell the difference.

Contour and Highlighting
The cover girl for contouring is Kim Kardashian. So if it works for her, right? It helps to define your cheeks, jawbone, and nose, slimming them all out. It kind of results in a ‘V’ shape face (imagine drawing a line from each cheekbone and down to your chin). This shape instantly slims your face. Why not check out other ways to achieve a v shape face here?

Highlighter is great to use for slimming your face too. Add a little highlighter to your forehead, the center of your nose and tops of your cheekbones. It helps to make your face look longer, which helps to make it look slimmer.


Pick the Right Shade of Lipstick
Many may think that it is best to go nude on lips or just apply a little lip balm. This is great for many things but not if you are looking to slim the look of your face. Nude shades on lips can make your lips look thin. Equally, dark shades of lip color should be avoided if are going for this look. Dark shades will make your look quite heavy and take the focus to your lips. If people are focusing on your lips, they won’t be seeing the rest of your face as a whole. The best lip color to choose are pink shades. As long as it is a pink that works with your skin tone, then it will add to your look and help your face look slimmer.

Step Up Your Brow Game
So I know this isn’t makeup as such, but it is a beauty trick to help your face look slimmer. You want to have strong eyebrows but ones that are too thick or bushy. Color in your brows a shade that is a little bit darker than your normal brows. Not too dark though or they won’t look right.

The best shape for your eyebrows is to have a defined arch in the middle. If they have arches, they will help to lift and elongate your face. Resulting in it looking slimmer.

Cover Up Dark Eye Circles
Dark undereye circles can make your face look plumper. So it is important to cover them up with some concealer. The smoother and less broken up your face looks, the thinner it will look. If that makes sense?

Just follow these easy steps and add them into your normal beauty regime. I’d love to know what you think about it.