Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Here Are The Most Incredible Ideas I Found For My New Home

When you’re waiting for those weeks to tick by before you can move into your new house, your mind starts to wander. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and come up with decor ideas. If you’re like me, you might even be browsing furniture catalogues and checking out the latest interior styles. I know in reality it will be ages before our house really becomes a home, but I have plenty of ideas to share with you in the meantime.

Styling your new home is one of those ongoing projects that will never end. Every season you will see something new, fresh and inspirational. And then you can’t think about anything else until you’ve got it! We already have plenty of furniture, but it doesn’t stop me browsing online (and the sales) for new suites, cupboards and sideboards. Lots of people buy everything new to go with their new life in their new house. That’s a big shopping trip!

Of course, there are some people that see a designer interior in a magazine and find a stylist to recreate it. I have to admit I’ve been very tempted myself. Some of those designs are just so chic! When you’re buying a house that could do with some renovations, I think it’s a really good idea to hire an interior designer. Moving house is so stressful and busy already. Hiring someone to get the place ready before you arrive can take so much of the drama out of it.

When you first view a house that you decide to buy, you can’t help but tell everyone how perfect it is. But as the weeks before completion tick by, you can’t help but come up with ways to improve it. No house is really perfect. There are always things to be done, so it suits you and your lifestyle. Even if you fall in love with the decor, it’s not going to be looking quite so fresh when everybody has finished moving in and out of the place.

You might not be entirely happy with the layout of the kitchen. And many people change the bathroom for a brand new one when they move house. It’s nice to have everything completely fresh and new just for you. Putting your own stamp on a place is really important so that it feels more like your home. I wish I had budgeted a little bit more for some of the big changes I’m considering now!

There are a few ways you could change the layout of your new home. Interior walls can often be taken down to make the place more open plan. Or you could divide a large room into two smaller rooms to repurpose it if you need to. I love the thought of having a bigger home office. We’ve even thought about the option of extending the house, long before we ever signed the paperwork!

I’ve found so many great ideas for the house. I don’t know that I’ll implement all of them. But it’s nice that the house is inspiring my creativity right now. It’s a great distraction from the stress of packing up and moving! What did you do to your first house when you moved in?