Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Great Gift Ideas For Family Members In The Armed Forces

Being in the armed forces can be a lonely time. You may have all your friends around you, but being on the frontline can bring some challenging times. It’s at times like that, that you need a little pick me up from the family back home. If you have a family member in the armed forces, here are some things you could send them: 

Family Pictures

The toughest part about serving in the armed forces is being away from home for long periods of time. It’s horrible when you’re away, and you know your family is living life without you. So, a great gift idea is to send over some family pictures. Maybe make a small photo album that you can wrap up and give to them as a gift while they’re away. Trust me, it will be greatly appreciated. The photos will remind them of home and help them feel better. You should include pictures of all of you as a family, as well as some new ones to let them know you’re doing okay at home. Anyone in the armed forces will tell you that family photos are the best gift you can get while on duty.


One of the best gift ideas is to get them some type of collectible. You’ll find plenty of ideas online and they’re all great. Collectibles are nice because it gives them a new hobby to take up. For anyone that’s been away in the armed forces, you know that it’s nice to have a hobby. Something different to think about now and then. You can find specific collectibles for different branches of the armed forces. If one of your family members is in the marines, get them some marine corps challenge coins. It might be a good idea to get them a new coin every time you send them a gift, that way they can keep their collection going. There are coins and other collectible items for different parts of the armed forces too. Choose one that’s suitable for your loved one! 

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Snacks & Food

Sometimes, when you’re on duty, food may have to be rationed. But, even when there’s a good supply of food, you rarely get snacks. So, sending a care package with snacks inside is a great idea for a gift. Fill lots of containers with your loved one's favorite snacks like chips and pretzels. You can send over some sweets and chocolate too to keep them extra happy. Of course, if they’re in a hot country, chocolate isn’t a great idea! It will be a great gift, and they’ll love it very much.


My final idea is to send over some toiletries for them to use. Sending a box full of things like toothpaste and shower gel is a fantastic idea. These are items that they don’t have a heavy supply of on the frontline. It can be horrible when you’re not washing with proper shampoo or shower gel. This is a gift that will be very appreciated, trust me!

There you have it, four gifts that you should send a family member in the armed forces. They’re great for birthday gifts or to include in a lovely care package.