Monday, December 7, 2015

Samsung 6S Vs. iPhone 6S

Samsung 6S Vs. iPhone 6S which one is the best?! We just got home from the store to get something as usual, that something always end up with more... :) Anyway, I am strongly considering of getting myself a very good and nice cell phone this month as a gift to myself.

I had previous cell phones where they were smart phones and not that fancy like iPhone 6S nor Samsung 6S- we checked the phones and it was cool because the sales associate was knowledgeable. He answered my questions/concerns about the phones.

For iPhone 16GB it as $698 while for Samsung 6S 32 GB is $604 and 64 GB is $698 both are nice! I guess, I will get the Samsung which the associate had mentioned there's really no big difference between the two. And Samsung since it has the Android, it is easier to use.

A couple more weeks, I will have one of the phone... Fancy this time!!! :)