Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Relationship That Doesn't Last

Relationship That Doesn't Last: Common problem about couple breaking up despite of being together for years is that, men are not ready to have kids or vice versa. I knew someone who was married for two years and wanted kids but, his wife was not ready... 

They ended in divorce court. Here comes, a friend of mine. Him and his girlfriend are in a 5 years relationship but now breaking up.

Our manager and his girlfriend both making food money with successful career but, they broke up because his girlfriend wants kids but he was not ready.  I knew that majority of the guys are not in a hurry of having kids because their bodies are not the same with women. 

Women's body has the limit of getting pregnant in a safe and healthy way. Doctors won't advise for women to get pregnant in thei mid or late 30's for both mother and baby's safety. 

I was kind of regret it when I had my girl in my mid 20's and my boy in my late 20's but everything is good. Thanks GOD! :)