Monday, December 21, 2015

Page Ranks Are Gone

There was been a hearsay going on before about the pagerank that Mr. big G would stop updating the bloggers pagerank and the rest... There was a terrible, super hard slammed to all bloggers last year or two...

My blogs were affected. Advertisers only liked when the blogger or website owner has a high pagerank. If there is no pagerank or if it has only 1, it won't really do good. Sometime last week, I was surprised that one of my blog's pagerank was totally gone!

I posted in Facebook for my co-bloggers to see ait and it was a relieved to know that Big G had totally stop updating the pageranks for everybody. Therefore, I have nothing to worry about who's having high pagerank and who has the lowest pageranks and such and such...

Therefore, this is good for everybody.... :) It doesn't matter to me either my blogs have low pagerank or no pagerank as long as it is still making money for me... :)