Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Loving Music

Our daughter is growing up and there is no way to stop her! :( She is 8 years old and started loving teenagers hobby's and interests. Sad as a mother because I'm still not ready for it. Whenever I see clothes and toys for little girls, it makes me wanna buy them but in reality my girl already passed that stage.

Now, as an 8 years old- she liked to watched songs on Youtube, listening and singing along on radio. She plays Wii U, wanted Nintendo DS 3D for Christmas which is expensive but I got it cover. :) 

She wears clothes that are size 10/12 and the Youth size for shoes. It is a bitter sweet though... Anyway, my husband had noticed our girl's interest and surprised our girl by buying her own radio where she can play CD's and listen music in her bedroom.

Since the radio came, she turns it on whenever she's home and enjoying it! :) I loved the fact that she loved music and her memory is VERY Sharp!... :) She could memorize new song (s) so easy. I AM SO PROUD OF MY PRECIOUS AND SMART GIRL! :)