Thursday, December 17, 2015

: Imaginative Ways to Update Your Home

We all want to have a cosy home, especially at this time of year. Often, though, we don’t have large budgets going spare to make big changes. For some, it is having the spare time. Then we don’t want to have to pay someone to do the work for us. It can be tricky sometimes!

Here are a few imaginative ways to update your home, without it having to cost a lot. You won’t even need to be a seasoned DIYer either. The most you’d need is a hammer or a drill.

Add New Lighting
Light can make such a difference to a room. We recently changed the style of light bulb that we use. It is a higher wattage and it is so much brighter. The room looks completely different in evenings now. So much brighter and fresh looking. All you could do is change something as simple as that. There are a few other options, though.  

Floor lamps can be inexpensive and can add a cool dimension to a room. It is nice having the option not to have the main lights on from time to time and just use the floor lamp. Instant ‘mood’ lighting, right there! It is best to put floor lamps in corners of darker rooms. It will look so different.

You could add a few table lamps for a room update. If you already have a few, could you just get a new lampshade? I often see desk lamps in thrift shops so hunt around and find a few that compliment each other. Having some that vary slightly, make a for an awesome eclectic look.


Update Accessories
I’m sure there are a number of accessories already in the home. They could all be added to or updated, right? Could you get some new cushion covers or a throw? How about a new rug? These small things that aren’t particularly expensive are easy to do. You could also update the bannisters or handrails in your home; there are a variety of styles to choose from. It will make the hallway look completely different.


Create a Photo Wall
All you need for this is several photo frames, a hammer and picture hooks. The best look for this, in my opinion, is having photo frames that compliment each other and are similar, yet a little different. I like the eclectic look if you hadn’t gathered!

Lay out the design on the floor first. This is best to see if the frames all fit together and how it will look on the wall. Fill with photographs as you can, or all at once if you have plenty printed. I like that the photographs can be changed every so often. This means you will regularly have little updates as events happen and your family grows.

Fixtures & Fittings
I’m sure there are several doors, drawers and cabinets in the home that could do with a little update. Changing the door handles or cabinet pulls, will add an instant update.

I have a friend that changed her little daughter’s draw handles, on a white chest of drawers, from silver to pink. It made it look like a whole new cabinet! It is a simple, inexpensive change but does make a difference. It can mean an update for several rooms too. This would work in the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms. Pretty much anywhere with handles or pulls!

There isn’t much more of a way to change something in your home that to change it. If in doubt, repaint! This works for walls as well as furniture. Have you thought about a feature wall in the home? This can be quick and inexpensive as it is just one wall. It will make the room look like something else.

Could your kitchen cabinets do with an update? They can be easily detached and painted. Afterwards, they just screw back onto the hinges. It will make it look like you have a whole new kitchen but in reality, all it was was the cost of a tin of paint. Be sure to sand everything down and clean with sugar soap first. This would apply to wooden furniture too. Could you repaint and bookcase a different colour? How about the dining room table? I like the shabby chic look where a table top is revarnished but the table legs are painted a colour like white or duck egg blue.

I hope this has given you some inspiration to make a few changes at home. With a new year coming, it is the perfect time for a new start. Good luck!