Monday, December 21, 2015

How to Rejuvenate Your Home For 2016

In a few short weeks, the new year will be upon us. The family chaos of the holidays will have passed. The New Year’s celebrations will have come and gone, and the new year will start, full of hope and potential.
Well, this article isn’t about new year’s resolutions. But this is about another type of new start – a new start for your home.
Now, you don’t need to do a dramatic makeover. We’re not talking about gutting your kitchen and starting over! That’s a project for another day. Or perhaps another year.
What we’re talking about here is quick and easy ways you can make changes to your home, that help it almost feel like new.
Just think – starting in January, and every morning after that, you wake up in your rejuvenated home, loving it even more than the day before. And feeling like a million bucks, because you live in it!
So let’s go through some fun yet simple ideas for making your home even more amazing than it is now:
A Thorough Spring Cleaning

But, it’s not spring?
But why leave it until March or April to get this task done.  The weather will be nicer then, and you’ll be spending a lot more time outside.  Whereas now, it’s cold outside but snug inside.  So you can happily spend a few hours, or even a few days, cleaning, tidying, and de-junking the place.
So while you have the time, make sure to go through every nook and cranny, and even get every member of the family involved!
So start by clearing out the attic.  Get rid of all those cobwebs for starters!  Plus get rid of all the dust.  Go through all those storage boxes and throw away what you don’t need.  Okay, okay, it’s difficult to throw anything away.  But sometimes you just need to make the tough decisions.

However, perhaps you’re struggling to throw things away.  So if you’re running out of space, perhaps consider renting storage space if you like to keep hold of things forever.  But that approach can get quite expensive.
So let’s put that idea aside for now, and let’s continue with the house clearance.  You can sell all that junk on eBay if you choose, donate it to friends or charity.   And even if you don’t make extra space at this time, you’ll be far more organized.  You would have finally gone through all those boxes and papers you’ve been meaning to.  And finally, everything’s organized so it’s easy to find and reference.

Finally, you’ve found those insurance documents you’ve been wondering about for months!
Right, so your attic’s looking good now?  Great!  Next comes the basement.
Perhaps it’s been neglected like a lot have.  So get rid of that junk.  Tidy.  Clean.  Organize.
And, as a side note (it’s a larger project than we’re talking about at this stage)…
But you can even start thinking about making over your basement to finally get rid of that smell!  And make it nice, airy, and bright.  But once step at a time.

So once the basement is done, the rest of the home should be quite easy to organize.  Even the den!  And don’t forget about the garage.  That’s still part of the house.  If stuff’s piled up there, now’s the time to get organized.  Get everything taken care of in one go.

The biggest obstacle to making any changes is often just getting started.  So if you’re not exactly sure how you’d like your home to look in the new year, it’s time to start collecting some ideas.
Well, that’s what Pinterest is for!
Browse, browse, and browse some more.  Save those pictures you just love, that capture your attention, that get your creative juices flowing.  And then once you have more than enough, start to think how you can apply what you’re seeing, but by only making small changes.
Okay, you may need to get a little imaginative here.  It’s more expensive and a much more involved process.  But it may sometimes just be more straightforward to start over completely with your kitchen!  But that may be out of your budget, and not the size of project you’re looking for right now.
Well, ideas might pop into your mind at the strangest times, about how you can turn your boring old kitchen into a fun and hip place to spend time.  For example, it could be as simple as painting the cabinet doors snazzy colors!

Think outside the box, and get the kitchen of your dreams, on a budget!
Remember: Simple Changes
This rapid rejuvenation we’re talking about is simple changes that truly make a big visual difference.  Again, don’t get bogged down in big projects at this time of the year.  Christmas has just ended, and you probably don’t feel like having contractors in the house for the next couple of months.  Ease into the new year instead with these small but powerful changes.

New Home, New You?
As the look and feel of your home starts to change, so will how you feel as you spend time in it.  Those throw pillows in your bedroom cheer you up every time you walk in.  Those exciting designs on your kitchen cabinets help make cooking for the family even more of a job.
The tidy and organized attic and basement gives you new hope for what the house can be.  And even starts getting you thinking about converting them into bedrooms.  Rather than leaving them purely as storage space.
So a clean, tidy, and organized house makes you feel better about it, and you, every minute you spend in it.  The new color and little surprises you’ve scattered throughout the house, delight you every day.  And even small ongoing changes like lighting scented candles, help to change the atmosphere of the house.

It’s easy to overlook how our environment makes us feel.  But as you rejuvenate your home for the start of 2016, and beyond, you’ll more forward with even more positivity than before.