Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to Have a Healthier Home

Our homes are our sanctuaries. This is especially true at this time of year when the weather can close in. We want nothing more than to shut the doors and windows and keep our families safe and warm. In doing so, we are often sealing our environment. Without knowing, we are bringing toxins into our spaces, and they can contribute to allergies and harmful bacterias. Here are some ways to keep our homes healthy and to make our spaces safer.

What’s in the paint and varnishes?
The truth is we don’t know. Older paints and varnishes carry all manner of toxins. They will release these as they deteriorate. Consider repainting and refinishing with low VOC paints. It is also possible to treat wood areas with natural varnishes and lacquers. It may not be possible to treat the entire home but think about starting in one area such as a child’s bedroom and working your way from there.

The quality of our air.
We hear an awful lot about chemical pollution outside. How many times have you heard the warning to stay inside and shut doors and windows? The shocking fact is that the air inside our homes is far more polluted than the air outside! That means taking some drastic action. Obviously, you’ll want to open windows and keep a fresh air supply flowing through your house. That will certainly help with condensation and mold. But it may not always be possible to do this. Consider investing in an air purifier. These great devices will simply remove toxins and pollutants from the air, making it safe to breathe.

If you do suffer from telltale condensation, then a dehumidifier is the way to go. They will simply remove excess moisture from the air. Seeing how much moisture is collected is a real eye opener. Keep that fresh air flowing!

What we bring into the environment.
Take a look at the contents and ingredients that we are bringing into the home. These can include everything from furniture to carpets. It may not be possible to replace everything, but it pays to be aware that older style foams can be made up of toxic products that could be harmful to us. Buy naturally made and eco-friendly materials for your furniture and fittings. You could consider replacing carpet with natural flooring. There are some great bamboo alternatives that naturally resist bacteria.

Apply the same stringent standards to your kitchen and food preparation areas. Use anti-bacterial chopping and preparation boards. Wipe your surfaces down with natural cleaning products that won’t harm you. Some of the most effective cleaners are made up from vinegar and baking soda. You can get amazing brushes and mops that are super efficient at cleaning, using fibre technology. These do not rely on harsh chemicals and irritants.

How much do you know about the quality of the water coming through your tap? Most of us are woefully ignorant. Buying bottled water can be expensive. Why not investigate water filtration devices? These can be linked to the tap, or you can simply filter your water one jug at a time.

There is no point in panicking, however, taking very real steps can make your home a healthier place can go a long way to protecting your family.