Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Did SANTA Come To Your House- What Did You Get

Our Santa came and brought us presents for the whole family! :) I guess no one was been naughty in the family this year. LOL! Kids as usual got electronic gifts this year and more toys. They received expensive gifts from Santa this year. That's how good they were. :)

Hubby got new clothes, shoes, expensive pillow, magnifying glass in a form of eyeglasses that he really is enjoying wearing, using it on his projects restoring his remote control cars for our little man. :)

While I got a pajama set which made of bamboo viscose that made it special and expensive. It was $49.99 from Amazon I knew it because the 1st pair that hubby got me was in size small and it was still big. We both got on the computer to looked for XS size for me for exchange and was surprised about the price. I also had a cross bag which makes it really cool because I never had one. I am not just into it but this one, I loved the color and style so I kept it and was happy about it.

One major thing, the most expensive gift that Santa gave me is my new White Gold 14k wedding band ring. I don't want to wear my original wedding and engagement ring everyday to work as it has diamonds on it and don't want to ruin or damage or lose any diamond. :)

So, how about you? Were you good or naughty this year? Did you get lots of nice presents too? :)