Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Customer Service Matter

In every business, customers are the reason why the business stay afloat and why it become successful. One major reason why company or businesses close its because of lack of "CUSTOMER SERVICE"- who would want to come back if the service sucks, if the customers are not feeling valuable?

In my workplace, we are always reminded about treating the customer the right way. Making the customers number one and always acknowledge them to make them feel very important. I am very impressed of how my department treat every customer.

Anyway, my family and I went to watched a movie. I ordered the food and asked the cashier for "straw" she did replied but in a sarcastic way. Lucky, I was with my family because I didn't liked the way she treated me as a customer. 

She was being rude and disrepectful. I will be back with my friends next time. I hope she won't act the same way as she  will see what she is looking for. That kind of person really piss me.