Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Becoming A Pharmacy Technician

I believed that it is always a smart move to always start in lowest level to become very effective whenever you reach the top level. As I was looking back of what I had been through, what this year has brought me in life, it was not easy but it was beautiful! The year is almost over but my future has just begun! Career wise! :)

Hubby and I had agreed that I would get a job whenever our boy will start going to school. Unfortunately, it changed. I had to get a job this year and fortunately got one and even got another job that I declined due to schedule and distance. I started as a Sales Associate under HBA and Cosmetic department for over a month. Moved to another department which lasted for almost a month and got a job offered upfront running register. Wow, that job is really hard for me due to encountering different sizes and weight of items.

Plus, it gets boring when it is not busy. I couldn't picture myself running register for long term. I am not comfortable. Thanks GOD, Friday is my last day as I got another job offered and will start this Sunday as a Pharmacy Personnel.

Yes, it is my first step to get to the level that I wanted... Working in the Pharmacy will give me the chance, possibility to become a "PHARMACY TECH" never in my wildest dream to be interested of becoming a pharmacy tech. But, something changed and motivated me to become one. GOD is with me in this journey. I want a real career and becoming a pharmacy tech in the future with GOD's help and guidance will truly benefit me financially speaking! :)