Monday, December 21, 2015

A Year Older And A Year Wiser

A Year Older And A Year Wiser- I would say! :) Today is my big day but literally, it is really just another day... I am not looking forward of a party or fancy celebration.. 

But, my husband and kids, still gave me birthday cards, bought me cake and ice cream and hubby is baking chicken ensalada. That will be for our dinner tonight. Simple celebration indeed.. :)

We can't go out to eat as the weather is not participating.. It is very cold and it is raining too. I am just thankful for this new year added into my life. I  am looking forward of making more wise decision and grow and develop the best side of me.. :)

Thanks to my family in Philippines for celebrating my birthday despite without my presence. I LOVE THEM to PIECES!!! :)