Monday, November 30, 2015

Keep Communicating With Your Kids

Let’s face it being a parent is a rocky road. Your kids are not you, but they are from you. You will do whatever you can to keep them safe. You want to protect them. I don’t think there is a single loving parent who would not shield their children from the threats out there. You would do anything to help them. All us of understand that sometimes there is nothing you can do except this one thing. Communicating!

It’s hard to admit it, but your lovely kid kind of mutates for those teenage years. One minute they are cute kids and the next they glare at you declaring that life is not fair. One day they’ll ask your advice about anything and the next they know everything and you know nothing. Except that you do. You know this is a hormone driven phase, and you might even admit to one yourself. You know it will pass. You somehow have to hold on and look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep talking
Perhaps the biggest misunderstanding we take from our kids is that they don’t want us to communicate with them. They do. It’s just that it becomes on their terms. It’s easy to overreact, to shrug and walk away. What is harder is keeping the talking going. Express interest, ask questions but know when to step back.

Know what is going on
It’s was difficult enough when the phone was the only means of communication. It is a minefield now. Our role is made both easier and more difficult with the advent of IT. As parents, we have come to understand the issues of smartphones, secrecy, bullying and the predatory nature of some people. We have had to become more proactive and stronger. Have a look at some teensafe reviews to see what more you can do to protect your kids.

You will be empowered by knowing exactly what is going on. There is no situation that can be resolved through secrecy.Turn technology to your mutual advantage. Positive technological development means that you can know exactly where your kids are! Maybe that should be, know exactly where their smartphone is, knowing they will not be very far away. As parents, we should get up to speed with all new developments that affect our children.

Create clear boundaries
Kids will try it on. Of course, they will. They want to know where the boundaries are. So do you! Your version might be the one that wants to know who is going to be at a party, where it is, where the parents will be, what time it will finish. It is entirely natural to want to know where the boundaries are. You can’t be with them all the time. Sometimes we are all in an unfamiliar place.

The most difficult issues arise when you stop being a parent and try to become a friend. You need to set the boundaries. You need to agree them, and you need to enforce them with consequences when they are not respected.

Take a deep breath! It is a rocky ride, but they will come out the other side, and they will respect and thank you for it. Most of all they will be able to communicate that to you in no uncertain terms.