Monday, November 23, 2015

Job Transfer Officially Approved!

Did I believed him when I first heard him saying "You Are Just Lucky!" Of course, I didn't as I was thinking he wasn't meant it... Anyway, as now things happenings in my favors, I am now truly believing in his words! :)

I started working in my current workplace in July 15th, not that long... My first department were the HBA and Cosmetics- I worked for two months and was moved to Paper Goods and Chemicals, worked for almost a month. While I was working under the Chemical department, I had updated my career preference. I don't liked to work upfront but that time, it was my only choice. My store manager had told me that he wants to moved me to the Apparel Department which I don't like at all.

Anyway, I knew that by applying upfront would get approved easily as they always need more people. Fortunately, I was transferred, got the job! :) I started late September- all of my friends who are my co-workers too had told me that I made the biggest mistakes of working upfront. Well, what can I do? Too late, right? I told everybody that I would give it a try for liked a couple of months and will see how I will liked it and such and such!

Well, they were right.. I didn't liked it.. Too much stupid rules that I could not handle. I am Stubborn.. I am not proud of it but I don't kiss anybody's ass! I don't follow rules when I knew that it's making me look and feel liked an idiot. And that's what it is!

I decided to update my preference. I talked to the Pharmacy Manager. At first, it wasn't promising because of my status. I am FULL TIME making 40 hrs with stable days off. The manager had told me that, they are looking for PART TIME. I can't do that! I can't sacrifice my FULL TIME. Anyway, I told him to let me know if something will change.

Couple days after, he came and talked to me and informed me that, YES, I can kept my FULL TIME status! Yay, for me! :) GOD LOVES ME!!! ;)

Friday, my job for the Pharmacy was finalized and approved.. From what I knew, they wouldn't approve any employee to be transfer to other department, not unless he or she is working for 6 months. But in my case, it's different. I AM JUST LUCKY because YOU ARE according to this special person! :)