Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Great Ideas for Your Loft Conversion

We love to hang out together as a family. Sharing activities strengthens our bond. There are times I must admit when we feel like we could use another room. Maybe it’s for music practice, or simply a space for hobbies and crafts. And who would say no to another bedroom? Or even an en suite Master bedroom? I didn't like the idea of knocking down walls or building a costly extension. I don't want to move away from our lovely neighborhood. I just couldn’t think how we could get that extra space. Until it dawned on me that the answer as always was “up above”. The Attic or Loft space was ideal for conversion. When I looked into it, I found that if you have this space available, it is, in fact, one of the easiest and most economical ways to add a room to your home.

Checking it out
I don’t know when the last time you took a peek up there was, but grab the steps and have another look. Don’t be put off by the fact that a water tank is already installed. It can be relocated fairly easily. What you need to ensure is that you can stand up in the centre of the space. Height will more than likely be restricted towards the eaves, but that space can be adapted creatively.

Get a quote
There is a lot of work that can be done fairly easily by a competent DIY family nut, but before you start, get a quote from a roofing professional. It will pay you to ensure that your roof is sound and does not leak, as well as checking that any flashing is in good repair. For more info seek professional advice.

Once you have established that the basics are in place, you are ready to think about where to put the stairs. Most advice dictates that the access to your new room should be located above the existing stairs. This is considered to be the most practical use of space. However other options including installing a spiral staircase.

Let the light in.
Attic space tends to be dark. Options include fitting a dormer window. This is a more labor-intensive option but does have the advantage of opening up more space in the eaves. Easier options include Velux style windows, which are perfect for attics and lofts.

There are a range of options for covering the walls and rafters. You might simply decide to use palter board, or you may choose to keep beams exposed and use timber cladding in between the joists. Keep your paintwork light and bright and consider have recessed light fittings in the ceiling.

Keep the sound out and down by ensuring that you have the correct insulation, no one wants to hear you dancing while they are trying to sleep!

Once you have the basics all worked out, you’ll have a lot of fun converting this cosy nook into one or even two or three uses. For example, a study could double as a guest bedroom. A bedroom could well contain an en suite bathroom, or you may simply want to a have a space to lay out your arts and crafts. Whatever you decide, you may already have a whole lot more home in you than you realised